The President & Abortion Rights

Now, before I start this post, I would like to make it clear that I do not agree wit abortion. I am all for woman rights and I think you should be able to do what you wish with your body. However, abortion is removing a baby from your body so you will not have to live with being a parent. That baby is also a human, and even though it can not speak up for its rights, does not mean you have the right to take it away. That baby deserves the chance to live just as much as the person aborting it. On another note, everyone seems to take abortion rights into consideration when deciding a president. But, the real question is, how much say does the president actual have when it comes to abortion?

Believe it or not, the President has a lot of say with abortion rights. as shown in a Abortion Info, when Bush was in office, he granted and vetoed many bills dealing with this issue.

One of the main reasons why the President does have a say in Abortion, is because it is his/her job to regulate Medicare. In the Washington Post, they dicuss the 4 ways the president has a say in this, this is one of them.

You can also find out about how Bill Clinton addressed Abortion by visiting On The Issue. This shows you how he pasted the bills and the processes he went through to make sure he was doing the right thing for this country. As you can see, the President actual has alot of say in what happens with Abortion.

The President & Abortion Rights

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